Pimping up your pumpkin is ‘Living Well’

The Challenge

Sainsbury’s want to continue to give nice things to their most valued shoppers throughout the year – little extras that make them smile. Sometimes it’s extra Nectar points, but sometimes we need to offer them something more tangible. Autumn 2017 was one of those times.

The Insight

Autumn is all about making the most of the potentially miserable darker evenings – whether you’re going out or staying in. So let’s do something that ties in to the seasonality, and makes them feel all warm inside.

The Solution

P-p-p-p-pick up your pumpkin. We decided that we’d give our customers a free (or discounted) pumpkin for Halloween – and some tailored messaging based on what we know about them. And we’d support our DM with emails and social posts and offers.

The Idea

Forget Trick or Treat. This idea was all about Treat and Treat. Our DM pack gave our valued customers the vouchers they expect (treat 1) plus either a free or discounted pumpkin depending on their shopping habits (treat 2) but we also stuffed the pack with stencils of varying difficulty (based on what we knew about them) to give them some inspiration.

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