Smart thinking for Sky’s smart network

The Challenge

You see it every day: people relying on their mobile devices for entertainment on the move. So when it came to Sky launching a new mobile network, people expected the service to be even smarter – like all the innovations they’d introduced for enjoying TV.

The Insight

While people see their mobile lives as ‘chat’, ‘news’ and ‘entertainment’, most of the big players treat their customers as consumers of ‘voice’, ‘text’ and ‘data’. We wanted to change all that by acknowledging real behaviour – and putting Sky customers in total control of their mobile lives.

The Solution

In everything we did, we needed to make it clear that Sky Mobile’s smart network would re-write the mobile rulebook – so that people could live their mobile lives on their terms. How? By rolling over unused minutes from month to month, linking Sky recordings to their handsets, creating personalised plans and saving them money.

The Idea

We created a CRM programme that celebrated the elegant utility of Sky’s network with smart, elegant design. We connected with Sky customers at every stage – from supporting the launch to presenting its many advantages with a refreshing clarity, simplicity and focus.

The Remarkable Difference for Sky Mobile

It’s too early to provide results, although it’s clear that our CRM programme has already made a big impression on Sky customers as the most talked about mobile network launch of the decade.

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