Harnessing the power of email for NOW TV

The Challenge

Content is king for NOW TV. But without contracts to tie people in, they have to keep on their toes by championing the huge amount of entertainment on offer. But how could they continue to tell people all about it – and make it truly personal?

The Insight

We started by working with the NOW TV team to identify the key targets based on customer behaviour and needs – and the moments at which they were most likely to up and leave (like when a popular show came to an end).

The Solution

With all that information stored in our brains, we decided that the most remarkable way to help the team deliver relevant and timely emails bursting with NOW TV content and personality was to help them to do it all themselves.

The Idea

We wanted to help create context relevant emails – ones triggered by the end of a show or even the weather – with what they should watch next. So we created a plan of key calendar events throughout the year.

We also made an email template toolkit that showed how to spice up the communications and make them as personalised as possible. And it was all done in a simple format that let the email marketing team select templates at a single click.

The Remarkable Difference for NOW TV

“Thank you Table19. NOW TV have at our fingertips the ability to create emails tailored to our customers’ needs and so optimise the power of our new email platform. That’s quite something for us.” Kate Rossiter, Customer Marketing Controller.

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