Harnessing the power of ‘FOMO’ to drive record opt-in rates for Sky

The Challenge

In preparation for the EU’s new data protection regulation, we were tasked by Sky to create a re-permissioning communication that would engage 22,000 customers who had engaged with Sky before but lacked the relevant GDPR-compliant audit trail. Although this meant they’d been interested in Sky in the past, in some instances engagement could have been as long as nine years ago, which meant we couldn’t rely on them remembering having ever opted in. So our challenge was two-fold: to reignite their interest in Sky, and to stand out amongst the sea of GDPR-related emails.

The Insight

Sky’s ambition has always been about innovation and about giving customers new things and a better choice. We knew that this is just one of the reasons that Sky customers choose them over their competitors. We understood that their customers like to be informed, and they like to feel like Sky can bring them up to date with the latest trends, brand-new innovations and entertainment.

The Solution

By tapping into this mindset, we set out to create a unique and creative communication that inspired customers about Sky’s cutting-edge technology – reminding them why they chose Sky in the first place – whilst drawing upon the ‘fear of missing out’ factor.

The Idea

We created a personalised email that notified customers of a hypothetical next-generation ‘mood-sensing’ remote control that selects TV shows depending on how you’re feeling. We pretended that it had launched. Before revealing that while it’s not quite arrived, if we didn’t have their email consent we couldn’t tell them about it anyway.

The Remarkable difference for Sky

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OPT-IN RATE (smashing the target of 5%)
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