Delivering for Sainsbury’s Chop Chop

The Challenge

Ah, the humble bicycle. It’s how Sainsbury’s started bringing groceries to the people of London. And over 145 years later, the Sainsbury’s bike is back – with a revolutionary delivery service that makes it even more convenient for shoppers. But how do Sainsbury’s make this new service hit home?

The Insight

Unlike Sainsbury’s Delivery Pass customers who have to plan ahead, Chop-Chop is about true convenience: it’s there to fulfil a need for the urban shopper who needs fresh ingredients right now.

The Solution

We created a localised, highly visible integrated awareness campaign making Chop-Chop relevant and indispensable to today’s stretched and time-poor shopper.

The Idea

There are moments where it hits us all. It might be on the way home from work. Or when you’ve got home after a holiday. Or when you’ve got people are coming round. Yes, it’s that moment when you need something foody, and you need it now. So we nudge people into using Chop Chop’s rapid delivery with ads in targeted media: escalator panels, posters, door drops, leaflets and a local press wrap to raise visibility in the local area.

The Remarkable Difference for Sainsbury’s Chop Chop

Testing in two key London stores, Chop Chop achieved over 50% of target sales in its first week.

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