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With our continued investment into Data and Technology we are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Kitewheel, who have recently been cited as a leader in Customer Analytics and Journey Orchestration by Gartner.

Kitewheel’s customer journey hub acts like a super-powered marketing brain, centralising decisioning across all touchpoints by integrating with existing sales and marketing tech to deliver intelligent and contextual relevant interaction to customers.

Data Strategy Director – Natasha Joslin comments:

“There is a lot of talk about customer centricity and omni-channel communications, but few brands are able to deliver against the ambition; I firmly believe that with a deep customer understanding underpinning our Remarkable cycle, combined with Kitewheel’s capabilities is the key to making this a reality.”

If you’d like to learn more about Kitewheel’s capabilities and our partnership get in touch with Tash here: (