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Spotted this week: How brand transparency can increase customer advocacy

Responsible brands, which build their business on sustainability and ethics, know that creating events and experiences which take customers beyond the transactional increases loyalty. Here are our top picks for TRANSPARENCY (one of our key trends for 2018) in action.

Lush Summit enables open discussion on everything from cosmetics ingredients to supporting refugees

Natural cosmetics-maker, Lush, is renowned the world over for its commitment to making vegetarian/vegan,environment-friendly products. Over the years the brand has been hosting interactive events such as the annual LushSummit held in February each year (the 2018 LUSH Summit took place on the the 14-15).Aside from taking part in fun, immersive product experiences, visitors can attend talkson topics ranging from LGBT rights toprivacy in the digital world. LushPlayer is the brand’s platform for sharing these experiences and getting the public interested in activism.

Monzo's customers help shape the brand

Monzo’s customers help shape the brand

Monzo is a rapidly growing UK bank with a strong focus on customer loyalty. The company believes in turning its customers into advocates and has relied heavily on word-of-mouth (which accounts for 80% of its customer growth) to expand its business. When you join Monzo you have the opportunity to give feedback on everything from fees to products, invest in the company through Crowdcube and attend community events. Its Transparency page details its views on how its committed to changing the world of banking for the better.

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Absolut has nothing to hide

Absolut has “nothing to hide”

The Swedish vodka brand is taking transparency to a humorous level with its latest CSR film. The employee induction video stars naked Absolut staff who talk you through the measures the company takes to be completely circular. It’s part of the brand’s strategy to become a zero waste company by 2020. Absolut has stated that now is the perfect time to let its customers know how committed the brand is to sustainability, reflecting how consumers’ interests in the environment are affecting their purchase decisions.

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Patagonia creates digital platform to connect customers with causes

Sustainable apparel brand, Patagonia, runs numerous campaigns and initiatives to help consumers take care of the environment and extend the life of their clothing. Its latest offering is the digital platform, Patagonia Action Works, which connects you with environmental action groups in any city in the world. The platform also shares upcoming events relevant to your city and makes it easy for action groups to register. By empowering its customers to become activists, Patagonia is able to gain even more trust in its products and business.