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As the pursuit of sustainability in businesses becomes more mainstream, we’ve turned our attention towards the platforms and apps that are empowering consumers to lead more sustainable lives.

Too Good To Go stops surplus food from going in the bin

A Copenhagen start-up has partnered with over 5000 businesses around Europe to enable them to sell their surplus food via an app. Too Good To Go makes it easy for consumers to search, purchase and collect food that would otherwise end up in bins. The app has been busy partnering with businesses like AccorHotels in the UK and has sold over 165,000 meals since arriving in January.

Sources: Too Good To Go 

Let Alexa do the watering

We know we shouldn’t waste water but when it comes to gardening it’s easy to lose sight of how much water we’re using. Connected devices like Rachio are helping consumers control their sprinkling systems in a much smarter way. The app uses weather data to determine when sprinklers go on/off and keeps track of how much water you’re using over time. The system also works with Amazon Alexa so you can use over 100 voice commands to control everything in an instant.

Source: Rachio

Ben & Jerry’s Blockchain Trial

All of our purchases have some impact on the environment but as consumers there’s little we can do to prevent that. However, a company called Poseidon is harnessing blockchain to help shoppers offset their carbon footprint with every purchase they make. It is running a pilot scheme with Ben & Jerry’s in London to enable customers to pay a surcharge on their ice cream purchases. These surcharges are turned into carbon credits, which are then put towards forest conservation initiatives.

Source: Edie

Streamline your wardrobe with Save Your Wardrobe

How many of us open our wardrobes to find a rack or mound of clothes we simply don’t want anymore? How often do you buy something then find a few weeks later you’re not that keen on it? Despite our growing interest in sustainable fashion most of us aren’t truly motivated to buy consciously, eschewing environmental concerns for lower price tags. While it’s difficult to convince shoppers to change their habits completely, Save Your Wardobe is an app that aims to reduce the amount we buy by helping us digitally organise our wardrobes. The app pulls this together by scanning purchases from your email (but you can also upload pictures). With this data the app will plan your outfits, make style suggestions and recommend the best products so you’re less likely to buy wastefully in the future.

Source: Forbes