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It’s that time of year again when we knock back the eggnog and mince pies and try not to embarrass ourselves at the office Christmas party.

But while we’re busy enjoying ourselves we ought to spare a thought for poor ol’ Santa.

Delivering presents all over the globe is a big undertaking, especially if you have the whole world relying on you, which is why we think a CRM solution should be on the big guy’s own wishlist next year.


Using a CRM system Santa would be able to load each letter against each person’s file eliminating the risk of duplicating gifts from a previous year or missing someone out. And with product families and upsell features he can make sure those little surprises in your stocking are similar to things you already love and own.

Alternatively, with a CRM social listening tool, he wouldn’t have to trawl through the sleigh-load of letters to find out what you want, he would simply check out social media for your wants and needs. #NoMoreSocks


Who’s been naughty or nice?

Knowing the characteristics of who is a good prospect for a business is crucial. But for Santa he would need to track additional pieces of information- the number of times a person was naughty or nice to work out who deserves a stocking full of gifts and who deserves a lump of coal.




Using a CRM system would allow Santa to create groups of segmented lists based on demographics and preferences. Of course, the creation of these groups would have to be easy for each of the elves to manage, they would also be able to segment based on geographical location.


Toy production

A CRM system would allow the elves to have greater visibility of the pipeline and by using dashboards they could check the number of toys made, to ensure they are on target for the big day.


On the go

When Christmas arrives, if Santa has elected to use a CRM system in the cloud, he could update his opportunities whilst sleigh-borne. He could log visits, mark the list as complete and close the opportunity once he’s delivered the goods- all from his mobile app.



Once Santa returns to the North Pole he could start forecasting for next year. With hierarchical visualisations, the big guy could see real-time territory and forecasting data and predict trends for Christmas 2018…or he might just, y’know…take a well earned break.