The Challenge

Despite offering market leading rates, mortgage brokers were choosing to not do business with YBS. They weren’t happy and hadn’t been for some time – illustrated clearly by a steady decline in NPS to a low point of -11. A business transformation was needed for their intermediary offering and service.

Our challenge was to shift mindset and way of working across the entire organisation to put the mortgage broker at the heart of the business strategy – and develop a compelling ‘true north’.

Conversation strategy

We discovered the beautifully simple insight that mortgage providers often don’t talk about the people that matter most – the home buyer, and yet to the broker a happy client is everything. Which led us to the new strategic positioning the home of happy clients

We distilled a bespoke set of core broker needs and worked with senior stakeholders to enable the product, business development, marketing and operational teams to deliver against them in a distinctive way.

Broker research identified 5 bespoke core needs

Creating conversations

Stakeholder hot-housing creative sessions plus broker co-creation shaped transformative initiates and comms, including; new brand look and feel, 360 campaign, website re-launch, growth hub, client hub, sales enablement tools and colleague engagement.

The difference our conversation made

In less than 6 months NPS went from -11 to +80

YBS is becoming the preferred choice for brokers

At YBS we worked with T19 on a programme to rejuvenate our Accord Brand. We wanted to shake things up because we knew at that time we were not delivering a great service for our broker customers. They didn’t really want to use us unless they had to (or their customer insisted), NPS was rock bottom and verbatim feedback was not comfortable reading.  We wanted to create a brilliant customer/broker experience, driven by what REALLY mattered to the brokers.  We also wanted to engage our colleagues working for Accord in what a brilliant customer experience should be and get them excited about helping us achieve our aim.

T19 helped us in a number of ways. To start with, they were great at working collaboratively with many stakeholders, getting to know the key people and leveraging knowledge and insights from across the business. Then they built on the existing insight from our brokers using a combination of face-to- face research and online panel input. This helped us all agree what a truly “Remarkable broker experience” would look and feel like, built from what brokers said they really needed.  Further stages in the process involved defining moments of truth and fusing all our ideas together to bring our “Remarkable broker experience” to life. This meant we could engage colleagues with excellent material that we knew would also work with our customers.

In my 30 year career in financial services I have worked with a number of agencies and T19 really stood out. They have a brilliant knack of absorbing a lot of information, distilling it and playing it back with clarity and conviction. This was hugely helpful when needing to make decisions with multiple stakeholder interests. The T19 Remarkable Framework itself is excellent because it makes you really focus on getting the basics right but it also helps inspire the magic fairy dust you have to sprinkle on those brilliant basics to bring your service proposition to life and make it your own.

So all in all, T19 helped us deliver a Group wide strategy that put the Broker at the heart of everything – and we hadn’t done that before.  They have helped transform the way we do things in Accord with everything from banner ads to web re-design being influenced by the remarkable broker experience.
Oh, and two years on, NPS is at a record high and we celebrated nine awards in 2017 for improved service and market-leading mortgages.

Mike Sketch
Head of Customer Experience