The Challenge

Game of Thrones is NOW TV’s biggest show. Season 8 was going to attract over 300,000 new subscribers.

Our primary challenge was to keep these GoT fans on the NOW TV platform long after Season 8 had finished.

We also needed to find ways to grow their value through device and additional pass sales.

we created

Customer insight indicated there were three key behaviours we needed to drive if we were going to make GoT fans more likely to stay with NOW TV:

1. Watch more often
2. Watch on the big screen (main TV in the home)
3. Watch on more than one device

To help drive these behaviours and demonstrate the breadth of content available on NOW TV, our Epic Character Season idea gave GoT fans the impression they had joined NOW TV during a period of amazing content (and therefore encouraging them to watch more than just GoT S8).

Our moment map identified the key moments in the customer journey where we could have the biggest influence on the behaviours we were trying to drive.

We then developed a range of ideas and communications.


They included:

  • Data capture at sign up to gather personal info and aligning new subscribers to our epic characters
  • Highly personalised pre-season, in-season and lapsing emails
  • A digital ‘mood matcher’ designed to align new content to the mood of GoT fans
  • Reactive social activity responding to fan sentiment
  • Facebook 360 photos to dramatise viewing GoT on the big screen
  • Gamification aligning GoT character to other box sets and films

The result was a conversation map – with our conversation laser-focused on driving the desired behaviours using relevant and highly personalised 1-2-1 communications across a range of channels.


The campaign helped deliver NOW TV’s most successful new subscriber retention programme.