The Challenge

IG are the market leaders in online trading and have a very strong industry reputation. However, tightening European regulations meant it needed to reinvigorate its global brand positioning and create a distinctive campaign platform to start a meaningful conversation with its Premium Trader audience on NPD.

Conversation we created

Through a series of workshops with key IG stakeholders, we gathered invaluable insights across the Audience, Brand and Category.

It became clear that our Premium Traders thrived in an ‘always on’ trading environment that blended risk and control. The IG Trading Platform offered them the ultimate in trading confidence – no-one in the category could match it.

This led us to two potential positioning territories. One that focused purely on the Premium Trader and what makes them unique, and the other that focused on the IG platforms’ ‘game changing’ breadth and capabilities.

We then went into a rapid co-creation and research phase – developing and refining adcepts that articulated our two positioning territories in different ways. These went into research panels across Europe over a weekend allowing us to evolve our creative thinking in real-time as we progressed.

With a clear direction from research we developed a distinctive campaign that focused specifically on the Premium Trader. Tapping into their mindset and drivers were able to grab their attention and start a meaningful conversation across multiple channels by showing empathy and understanding, and by talking a language that speaks directly to them.


We created a completely refreshed brand platform that enabled IG to start a meaningful conversation with its Premium Trader audience, across multiple EMEA markets throughout Q1 and Q2 in 2019.

We’ve landed on something really good in a very short space of time

Nick HigginsGlobal Head of Planning, IG