The Challenge

Hyperoptic, the UK’s leading provider of 1Gbps, full-fiber broadband, asked T19 to come up with a new campaign idea that supported the launch and rollout of their new hyperfast, direct to the home, broadband service to cities across the UK – known as ‘Hyperzones’.

we created

Getting people to switch their broadband services isn’t easy. Research suggested that nearly two-thirds of our audience didn’t think there was a big enough benefit to take the risk of switching broadband provider.

We also knew our task was going to be made harder by the fact that no one had heard of Hyperoptic. Their existing service was available in less than 2% of UK homes – and there was no way we could compete with the ‘big 4’ in terms of media spend and awareness.

Our solution was to turn these negatives into positives and celebrate the fact that Hyperoptic isn’t available to everyone. Only the ‘lucky few’, in our newly created Hyperzones, would be able to enjoy all its benefits.

We wanted our audience to feel like they had been specially selected for a new broadband service – that was, quite literally, like nothing else they had ever seen.

For this to work, we knew we needed to land with a huge bang and make sure all Hyperzone residents could see that Hyperoptic had arrived.

So, creatively we developed a high impact, highly personalised campaign that felt exciting, modern and ownable.

And then we delivered it using a multi-channel campaign funnel and hyper-targeted media strategy – that was designed to make our launch feel much much bigger than it was.


The campaign is being rolled out in each Hyperzone throughout 2021. The impact and early successes of the campaign has meant that Hyperoptic have now decided to use the thinking and the creative to overhaul their entire brand look and feel across the business.