The Challenge

Sainsbury’s asked T19 to help them develop a new initiative with two core aims:

1. As part of their purpose of ‘Helping everyone eat better’, find a way to positively influence customers’ healthy eating choices.

2. Increase the uptake of and engagement with Sainsbury’s loyalty platform: the Nectar app.

we created

To positively influence our customers’ healthy eating choices, we needed to make eating healthier feel easier, more enjoyable, and dare we say it, fun. Plus we had to ensure that the Nectar app needed to sit at the heart of it; acting as the key enabler to encourage, recognise and reward customers for making healthier eating choices.

We used goal setting and gamification to help us achieve the change we were aiming for, and this led us to the idea of a healthy eating challenge.

Firstly, we defined three personalised targets for each customer to achieve across the 28 days of the challenge.

These targets were revealed to customers once they opted-in to the challenge via the Nectar app.

Here customers could track their progress against their targets and when they achieved each one, they would receive a personalised amount of bonus Nectar points based on their current level of loyalty.

Customers could also earn ‘badges’ for buying certain fruits or vegetables. The aim being to not only encourage customers to buy more fruit and veg but also expand the variety of fruit and veg they were buying.

We also created highly personalised customer journeys – using email and push – to keep customers engaged with the challenge. We recognised and celebrated those who were actively engaged and gave nudges to those whose engagement levels were dropping.

We used social proofing to provide extra motivation. Educated and inspired customers with fruit and veg trivia and recipes – using email ‘hot spot’ tech to bring to life key nutritional facts. Provided storage hacks to help reduce waste. Played back a customer’s progress at key points in the 28 day period. And delivered a personalised end-of-challenge summary of what they’d achieved.


The business was so impressed with the results of the challenge it has decided to invest in further challenges for the coming year.

All will be built around known customer aspirations, including a desire to reduce plastic usage and support more sustainable food choices.


customers took part


portions of fruit and veg bought in just 28 days

12.9% increase on the amount of fruit and veg bought in the 4 weeks before the challenge started


badges awarded


increase in weekly Nectar app registrations

Engagement with the app increased by 5% too