Some quite remarkable people

‘You make it easier for us to work with you’… ‘less formulaic than working with the consultancies’… ‘your strategy and creative were great but your people won it for you’… ‘you just seem to care more’.

That’s what our clients say about our people and why they love working with us. But here are a few more Remarkable things that even our closest clients probably don’t know…

  • Matt Broekhuizen
    Matt Broekhuizen Managing Director

    Matt is often found sat at the piano playing (badly) and sometimes singing (very, very badly) songs from Les Miserables.

  • Emma Clark
    Emma Clark Head of Strategy

    Emma once hang-glided down to Ipanema dressed in a leopard-skin cat-suit, before samba’ing in the Rio Carnival.

  • Andy Barwood
    Andy Barwood Executive Creative Director

    Andy “The Surrey Great Gatsby” Barwood is a party planner in his spare time.

  • Laura Kinghorn
    Laura Kinghorn Finance Director

    Tickets (and timesheets) please…Laura once owned a double-decker Bedford bus.

  • Natasha Joslin
    Natasha Joslin Data Strategy Director

    Tash is the same height as a badminton net – exactly.

  • Sarah Cobb
    Sarah Cobb Business Director

    Drum roll please… Sarah won ‘Best Drum Major’ at an International Marching Band competition.

  • Dan Pallett
    Dan Pallett Planning Director

    Dan ate sushi live on Japanese TV. Dan hates sushi.

  • Sebastian Weston
    Sebastian Weston Planning Director

    Sebastian has circumnavigated the globe, twice. And dived with 6 different types of shark.

  • Si Hollington
    Si Hollington Design Director

    Si was an Andrex bum model, has a pilot’s licence, designs tattoos for celebs and invented the kick-flip. He also writes short stories.

  • Tom Wood
    Tom Wood Account Director

    Tom doesn’t just talk a good game… he was once a coach at AC Milan’s football academy.

  • Adam Reader
    Adam Reader Senior Planner

    Adam used to be a tosser – he was a pizza chef in a previous life.

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young Account Director

    Emma was once a backing dancer for Bobby Davro.

  • Alannah Smith
    Alannah Smith Senior Account Manager

    Ended up starring in a Ministry of Sound TV ad whilst partying in Ibiza.

  • Holly Lee
    Holly Lee Senior Account Manager

    Whilst trekking through the Costa Rican rainforest, Holly stepped on the worlds second deadliest snake and lived to tell the tale.

  • Avalon Fitzpatrick
    Avalon Fitzpatrick Senior Account Manager

    Avalon was a butt double in an apocalypse zombie movie.

  • Rachel Barron
    Rachel Barron Client Experience Manager

    Rachel recently had a to-do list with 425 items – she nailed it within an hour.

  • Antony Forrester
    Antony Forrester Studio Manager
    Antony spent an evening talking to Sir Trevor McDonald at a private party.
  • Kieran Child
    Kieran Child Associate Creative Director

    Kieran is related to the Serbian Royal Family.

  • Steve Atkinson
    Steve Atkinson Associate Creative Director

    Steve’s one of the finest things to come out of Cornwall since the pasty*.
    *according to Steve Atkinson.

  • Natasha Headley
    Natasha Headley Senior Designer

    Tash has a lipstick and nail colour change for every outfit in her wardrobe.

  • Josh Green
    Josh Green Senior Designer

    Josh is a big fan of American sports and an orange squash ambassador.

  • Ed Newton
    Ed Newton Designer

    Ed is named after the late great magician, Paul Daniels, whose real name was Newton Edward Daniels.

  • Ryan Binny
    Ryan Binny Designer

    Cycled along Yungas Road aka Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia and survived.

  • Hugo Bennett
    Hugo Bennett Senior Copywriter

    A bit like Charlie Chaplin, Hugo once lost a Hugo Bennett lookalike competition.

  • Emma Leaney
    Emma Leaney Creative Head

    Emma drove a lap of Brands Hatch aged 12.

  • Adele Marrable
    Adele Marrable Finance Manager 

    Showed the Queen her hip hop moves when she danced for her.

  • Kelly Tsang
    Kelly Tsang Senior Accounts Assistant

    Bungy jumped from the highest jump in the world at 233m (having been pushed).

  • Lucy Shaw
    Lucy Shaw Account Manager

    Lucy nearly made it as the voice of a dog in a pet massager advert.

  • Kellie Varndell
    Kellie Varndell Resource Manager

    Kellie once dropped a tray of full champagne flutes, but don’t worry, she’s a safe pair of hands when it comes to work.

  • Elliot Bates
    Elliot Bates Copywriter

    Elliot once saw a shark while surfing in Costa Rica. Thankfully it didn’t become a scene out of Jaws.

  • Will Moir
    Will Moir Art Director

    Will has a Lord as Grandfather but upon realising he wasn’t in line to inherit said title, bought himself some land to get one anyway.