Some quite Remarkable people

‘You make it easier for us to work with you’… ‘less formulaic than working with the consultancies’… ‘your strategy and creative were great but your people won it for you’… ‘you just seem to care more’.

That’s what our clients say about our people and why they love working with us. But here are a few more Remarkable things that even our closest clients probably don’t know…

  • Matt Broekhuizen
    Matt Broekhuizen Managing Director

    Matt is often found sat at the piano playing (badly) and sometimes singing (very, very badly) songs from Les Miserables.

  • Emma Clark
    Emma Clark Executive Planning Director

    Emma once hang-glided down to Ipanema dressed in a leopard-skin cat-suit, before samba’ing in the Rio Carnival.

  • Laura Kinghorn
    Laura Kinghorn Finance Director

    Tickets (and timesheets) please…Laura once owned a double-decker Bedford bus.

  • Simon Martin
    Simon Martin Creative Director

    Simon has four unfinished novels in his desk at home. And about 23 unstarted ones in his head.

  • Rebecca Dennis
    Rebecca Dennis Business Director

    Rebecca once drove a Morgan Plus 4 from Vancouver to Quebec dressed as a Geisha girl.

  • Lizzy Tuckey
    Lizzy Tuckey Business Director

    Lizzy was a magician’s assistant when at uni to fund her beer money. She has been sawn in half 178 times.

  • Sarah Cobb
    Sarah Cobb Business Director

    Drum roll please… Sarah won ‘Best Drum Major’ at an International Marching Band competition.

  • Dan Pallett
    Dan Pallett Planning Director

    Dan ate sushi live on Japanese TV. Dan hates sushi.

  • Sebastian Weston
    Sebastian Weston Planning Director

    Sebastian has circumnavigated the globe, twice. And dived with 6 different types of shark.

  • Kei Lawford
    Kei Lawford Planner and Futurologist

    Kei keeps a rat skeleton next to her bed.

  • Tom Wood
    Tom Wood Account Director

    Tom doesn’t just talk a good game… he was once a coach at AC Milan’s football academy.

  • Tom White
    Tom White Senior Account Director

    Tom has an identical twin – he may work Mondays and Fridays.

  • Emma Young
    Emma Young Senior Account Manager

    Emma was once a backing dancer for Bobby Davro.

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith Senior Account Manager

    You can pop the end of Katie’s nose – just like bubble wrap.

  • Avalon Fitzpatrick
    Avalon Fitzpatrick Account Manager

    Avalon was a butt double in an apocalypse zombie movie.

  • Sam Rhodes
    Sam Rhodes Account Manager

    Sam was the original Pampers baby…
    Watch Here

  • Paul Reading
    Paul Reading Head of Art

    Paul once asked Ray Winstone to be ‘a bit more ‘potatoey’.’

  • Andy Critchell
    Andy Critchell Studio & Production Manager

    Andy was once hit on the head by a golf ball from a Lee Westwood drive at the British Open.

  • Mo Eldridge
    Mo Eldridge Traffic Manager

    Mo has met Nelson Mandela.

  • Rachel Barron
    Rachel Barron Client Experience Manager

    Rachel recently had a to-do list with 425 items – she nailed it within an hour.

  • Kieran Child
    Kieran Child Sainsbury's Creative Head

    Kieran is related to the Serbian Royal Family.

  • Steve Atkinson
    Steve Atkinson Sainsbury's Creative Head

    Steve’s one of the finest things to come out of Cornwall since the pasty*.
    *according to Steve Atkinson.

  • Datch Datchens
    Datch Datchens Creative Head

    Here’s one I did earlier… Datch has written and directed a kid’s TV show.

  • Reuben Mychaleckyj
    Reuben Mychaleckyj Creative Head

    Reuben is a world record breaker – having been in the world’s biggest water balloon fight.

  • Melissa McGinnis
    Melissa McGinnis Junior Copywriter

    Mel is, as far as we know, the world’s only Valedictorian who has ridden an ostrich.

  • Melissa Shergold
    Melissa Shergold Junior Art Director

    Mel once sang live on a billboard in times square, (she says she can’t sing).

  • Natasha Headley
    Natasha Headley Senior Designer

    Tash has a lipstick and nail colour change for every outfit in her wardrobe.

  • Josh Green
    Josh Green Senior Graphic Designer

    Josh is a big fan of American sports and an orange squash ambassador.