Matt Broekhuizen

Managing Director

Matt is often found sat at the piano playing (badly) and sometimes singing (very, very badly) songs from Les Miserables.

Emma Clark

Head of Strategy

Emma once hang-glided down to Ipanema dressed in a leopard-skin cat-suit, before samba’ing in the Rio Carnival.

Laura Kinghorn

Finance Director

Tickets (and timesheets) please…Laura once owned a double-decker Bedford bus.

Dan Pallett

Strategy Director

Dan ate sushi live on Japanese TV. Dan hates sushi.

Sebastian Weston

Strategy Director

Sebastian has circumnavigated the globe, twice. And dived with 6 different types of shark.

Sarah Cobb

Business Director

Drum roll please… Sarah won ‘Best Drum Major’ at an International Marching Band competition.

Si Hollington

Design Director

Si was an Andrex bum model, has a pilot’s license, designs tattoos for celebs and invented the kick-flip. He is also a fabulist.