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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our campaign with The Royal British Legion to commemorate the final year of the World War One centenary.

The movement’s campaign calls on the nation to say ‘Thank You’ to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world 100 years ago. The campaign film, made up of a sequence of real-life photographs, recognises the ordinary people who did extraordinary things for our country, and encourages viewers to see the young people who served as our contemporaries not as people from a distant era.

 The campaign narrative encapsulates the Legion’s motto: “Live On- to the memory of the fallen and the future of the living” and inspires the public to show appreciation to our military, veterans’ and fallen heroes for the legacies they have left for us that were born out of the First World War. Table19 also developed the visual identity of the movement and will continue to support the campaign as it’s rolled-out throughout the year.

 Speaking about the campaign, Table19’s Managing Director, Matt Broekhuizen comments:

 “We wanted to avoid the sepulchral, sombre tones often heard in documentaries about WW1 . Of course, the subject matter is serious, but the theme is our response to what the men and women in the film and millions like them gave us- everything from advancements in medical science, to the humble teabag. The tone, therefore, is not pitying, but thankful.”

 “This will be an ongoing campaign, but we ask that public to focus their ‘Thank You’ activity around Sunday October 28th. We hoped that this day would serve as thoughtful reminder as it marks the last day of daylight saving- an initiative that was actually born out of the war”

 Between 8 August to 11 November (the last 100 days of the centenary), the Royal British Legion will be inviting the public to join the movement and express their thanks in their own way; whether online, at work, or where they live.

 More information on the ‘Thank You’ movement can be found here