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In a world where you can now even live behind a rock and still access some sort of free WiFi, there’s absolutely zero chance you haven’t heard about GDPR.

Don’t get me wrong, the new legislation that comes into force on May 25 is well worth talking about. It’ll mean brands will really start seeing the value of our data and that annoying number next to your email app icon won’t grow quite as quickly as it has been.

But there has been a downside to it; you can’t go more than two scrolls on LinkedIn these days without being opened fire on by endless blogs, whitepapers and drinking games (no joke) from agencies, ‘experts’ and your best mate’s mum who weirdly added you when you graduated.

So, rather than ‘telling you everything you need to know’ about GDPR like Sue (mate’s mum), I’m going to go through a few things that I’ve noticed/think will happen from a creative point of view – the bit no one’s really talking about.

1. It’s the opportunity to do some great work

We’ve had briefs from most of our clients asking us to create campaigns that get customers to stay opted in. But with inboxes full to the brim with emails asking people to do just that, those briefs were the perfect opportunity to do something that really stood out. One of my favourite examples of this happening is the email we did for Sky that focused fully on the FOMO factor. We created a hypothetical, next-generation remote and pretended to launch it, before revealing that while it’s not quite arrived, if it had we couldn’t tell you about it.

We also produced a DM example for those whose email addresses weren’t quite right too, which leads me on nicely to my next point…

2. It’s a clean slate for data

This is a fresh start. The data we have will not only be green-lighted for us to use freely, but we know it will be correct. Having data like this makes campaigns easier to run, more effective and gives us a great foundation to find out even more about people, so we can properly tailor their brand experience.

3. We can speak to customers (who actually want to listen)

What a great starting point for a campaign – the fact that the people we’re contacting actually want to listen. It means we can head into everything we do with a much more focused approach that really develops relationships and ultimately improves the effectiveness of our comms.

4. It’s the perfect time to write a blog called ‘Everything you need to know about GDPR’

Kidding. Obviously.

– Steve Atkinson, Associate Creative Director