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We’ve waited 12 long months for the belated summer tournament and the football hasn’t disappointed (so far anyway). There’s been plenty of talking points beyond the football too, Volkswagens remote control car delivering the match ball at the opening game caused a stir on social media and Cristiano Ronaldo (allegedly) causing Coca Cola’s value to fall by billions of dollars.

But it was the events of Denmark v Finland that has caused the biggest talking point of the tournament. Christian Eriksen’s cardiac arrest on the pitch was harrowing, horrific and sobering – and in that moment and the days following, football just seemed less important.

Thanks to the immediate action of some heroic medical teams Eriksen has made a miraculous recovery and it’s opened many people’s eyes to the importance of life saving defibrillators and CPR. Without these Christian Eriksen wouldn’t have been so lucky and if this had happened on a Sunday morning at your local playing field, the outcome would likely have been very different.

The impact of that moment has sparked a conversation in the UK (and beyond) that many weren’t prepared for or didn’t even know that we needed. The British Heart Foundation have reacted quickly & launched a TV campaign titled ‘The ad we never expected to make’. And with the campaign running on ITV during the football breaks, The British Heart Foundation have seized the moment to have an impactful conversation with the nation about the importance of CPR.

Another important conversation that this has sparked is the need for defibrillators at grassroots and amateur football grounds and pitches. The Terrace (a football fan culture brand) have reacted to this need by creating a simple ‘Lifesaver Keyring’ that they’re now selling online with all profits going to funding defibrillators at grassroots level.


There are more examples, and it will be interesting to see how the British Heart Foundation and others keep the momentum going after the Euros and if an increase in website traffic and content engagement, allows for the conversation to continue in 1-2-1 channels.

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