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Last week I popped over to Euston Square to judge at the DMA Awards for a second time. I love having the chance to see what everyone else has been up to and to debate with other industry folk about what’s hot and what’s not. But this year, I was particularly chuffed to be there. Why? Because the work I saw put to bed any rumours that in a year dominated by Brexit and GDPR, creativity had suffered.

Don’t get me wrong, some entries were better than others. But that’s always the case. In my category, experiential, there were two bits that made me wish I’d done them. I can’t tell you what they were (I signed my life away on the day), but now the shortlist’s been released, I can show you what made the cut. So see if you can spot my two faves. And if you’re still not sure, keep your eyes out on ceremony night. If there’s any creative justice in this world, they’ll pick up the gold and silver gongs.

Green Peace – Ocean of the Future

Barclays – Fraud Fighter tool

BA – Plug straight into Nashville

Creme Egg – Camp

Scottish Widows – Pensions awareness tour

By Steve Atkinson, Associate Creative Director