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Last week our creative team went back to their old uni haunts at Falmouth University to talk at their annual alumni event.

The team- which consisted of myself (Elliot), Will, Kieran and Steve– were tasked with talking about a subject chosen by our old head lecturer. We gave a talk on ‘Getting out there’.

Having recently gone through placement schemes, to jobs, to redundancy, to freelance then full circle back to a job we gave the students an insight on what goes on in the advertising world and some tips on how to get their first big break.

It was a chance for the students to hear about the experiences we have had, as well as giving them an opportunity to meet people in the industry and gain some contacts.

There were six talks at the Alumni event, with two of them coming from Table19 teams – meaning we were well represented.

We hope that they are now looking at Table19 as somewhere to aspire to get to after graduating, and that we have given them some help and information on how to make it into the industry.

-Elliot Bates, Copywriter

(Here’s Kieran and Steve giving a talk on small agencies)